I am a qualified henna artist whose been doing henna for over 10 years. I love creating unique and personal designs for each of my clients, be in a bride, a brides close family or their guests. This isn’t just linked to brides, this also applies to the grooms side too.

I provide my own henna from my own brand “Colour With Love” which is 100% organic herbal henna powder free from any ingredients and products. The paste is made personally myself and I can guarantee the colour will be a natural dark brown stain that will adorn your hands with love.

Henna is an accessory that is adorned any time of the year as its not just for weddings. Henna can be adorned by anyone at anytime for any reason or occasion, be it a wedding, a baby shower, a hen night or just for fun.

Henna comes in many forms, I use natural henna for a temporary look, however I use body paint if you want a quick one for just a day or that particular time.


I am a qualified nail technician and specialise in shellac gel polish and acrylic tips. The most amazing thing about using shellac is that this lasts for two-three weeks and doesn’t even chip. This, in turn lasts for all your functions and you will always have immaculate nails.

Shellac does not damage your nails as the nail polish itself is put on your natural nail and is a breathable polish. I do simple nail art to go on nails as well.


I am newly qualified hair and makeup artist.

I embarked on the journey of hair and makeup due to lots of enquires being received asking for myself to offer a fuller package so that the bride can get all her services from one place. Whilst my passion is henna, I also love the hair and makeup journey.

I am new to hair, but have done a few hairstyles and am always learning new hairstyles and perfecting my old and unique. I love a challenge and always willing to improve.


I love make up – which girl does not…

Therefore when asked to offer a hair and makeup package, originally I only did henna, but then as more requests came in I decided to embark on this new journey and add to my portfolio so that I could offer the bride a complete service, but at the same time also offer brides mum, grooms mum, close family and friends a service too. At the end of the day hair and makeup is needed for every function not just weddings.

I never knew that offering a fuller package meant meeting more and more new and wonderful people and they do say, when it is something you enjoy doing it isn’t work and this isn’t work.

I work in a team with a couple of hair and makeup artists and also offer individual services. My makes range includes makeup of the high street and all your number one brands like Mac, Smashbox, Charlotte Tilbury etc.